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Have a safety plan handy.  You can use the one below or make up your own.

When grown-ups are fighting, STAY OUT OF IT!  Never try to get between them or stop the fight—YOU could get hurt and you could make the violent grown-up even madder.

Call 911 ONLY if it’s safe to do so.  Don’t go into a room where grown-ups are fighting to get to the phone.   Lock yourself in your room, if you can, or hide in a closet or under a bed to make the call. Stay on the line with the operator as long as you can.

Know safe ways to get out of your house, and if you need to run out, be sure you have a safe place to go (a neighbor you know, for example).  If you don’t have a phone or couldn’t get to it, ask your neighbor to call 911.

Find a grown-up you can talk to about your feelings: your grama or other relative, your school counselor or nurse, or another trusted adult.

Remember:  It’s NOT YOUR FAULT if grownups at your house fight or hurt each other.  Even if you get in trouble and your folks get in a fight about it, you aren’t responsible.  There are better ways of disciplining kids and solving problems than with violence.



Print this out, if it’s safe to do so.  If not, maybe you can get help printing it out at school or at the public library. Keep it with you to read when things get bad at home.


Printable version


My Safety Plan

When I get scared, I can think about __________________________________.

When I get scared, I can go to _______________________________________.

When I’m feeling sad or afraid, I can talk to______________________________.

Safe exits from my home are   ________________________________________.

In an emergency, I can  _____________________________________________.

My Important Numbers

My phone number: ________________________

Police: __________________________________

Neighbor, relative or friend: _________________________________________


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